Coffee or chocolate body scrubs aimed at women between 20 and 30. From Graceful Lilly one of Australia’s fastest-growing skin care companies. Are you looking for a natural, down-to-earth chocolate or coffee body/face scrub that doesn’t cost the earth? Are you kind to animals? Your scrubs are lovingly hand made. Graceful Lilly’s naturally different. And the coffee/chocolate scrubs are made from the perfect blend of simple skin-loving, natural ingredients. These include coconut oil, Epsom salts, coffee grains and real chocolate. So, When these perfectly blended scrubs are rubbed into your skin, they make you feel smooth and moisturised. These scrubs also smell beautiful. You’ll be spellbound by the results. Guaranteed.

Buy Now $19.95 for 250gTry Free Sample (while they're free)

Coffee Face/Body Scrub $19:95 for 250g

Coffee Face/Body scrub $19:95 for 250g

Chocolate Face/Body scrub $19:95 for 250g


  1. You and your partner enjoy smooth, kissable, soft skin; You’ll be simply irresistible!
  2. You’ll have a beautiful fragrance for the rest of the day
  3. You will have a much easier time shaving
  4. Your skin will be able to absorb the moisturiser much quicker due to the removal of dead skin.
  5. You’ll turn heads in public!
  6. Both coffee and chocolate are natural aphrodisiacs, so…….
  7. You’ll be tying your nightie to your ankles!!


“Oh my God, Matt did l tell you how much l love your chocolate scrub?”

Amanda Preece

“Hey, used the scrub on the feet of Janet last night. After a hot water and rosewater foot bath. Wonderful stuff. The smell is good, the exfoliating power very good. Easy to use, and applied by bamboo loofah and hands. Now my hands are lovely too, then nourished with jojoba oil… Wow thank you from us both…”

William Morley

“The chocolate scrub is so smooth yet exfoliated the skin perfectly. The fragrance is even better, sweet but not too strong. Left the skin feeling smooth whilst having the great benefit of all fake-tan. I would highly recommend”

Jasmine Pancotti

“Thanks Matt for the wonderful body scrub! I used it in my last bath and followed your instructions to cover my body and let it sink into my skin for half an hour before washing it off. My skin felt super smooth afterwards, and I also smelt amazing! Thanks again”

Zay Canters

“Hi Matt! My rugged old sea hands are as smooth as a shiny pink pear….AAAAHRRR!! Thanks”

Nick Mc Kay

“The scrubs came in perfect condition thank you! I used the chocolate one yesterday and it was lovely! I was very impressed.”

Emma McIntyre

I gave a free sample of the coffee scrub to Grace, one of the waiters at The Coffee Club, Cranbourne Park. She said it’s “fu—- amazing”

Everything we make is in 100% recyclable jars and kind to Animals!

Graceful Lilly has not, does not and will not have anything to do with animal testing. The only animal tested on is the human that makes it for you.

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Maybe you find that Graceful Lilly does not meet your expectations. We can highly recommend “Frank Body” scrubs. They started in a very similar way to how we started. Those babes have now built a huge empire built on their products. Well done to those babes.

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