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Handmade Graceful Lilly chocolate and Coffee face & Body Scrubs

GUARANTEE If you don’t LOVE your scrub, simply return the unused portion and receive a full refund. The guarantee does not extend to free samples.

WARNING! Our body scrubs are known to be highly ADDICTIVE. As yet, there’s no known cure.

If you do love your scrub, please tell a friend! If you don’t, tell us.


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FAQ to find your needs

1. Is your skin oily and lumpy at the end of the day?

2. Is your skin feeling dry and irritated?

3. Do you think that your high-end, chemically based products are too expensive?

4. Are you after a NATURAL alternative? 

5. Are you against animal testing? 

6. Do you find that your skincare products don’t address blackhead problems? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, please scroll up for your free scrub!

Benefits of Graceful Lilly Natural Body Scrub

1. You and your partner enjoy smooth, soft skin; You’ll be simply irresistible!

2. You’ll have a beautiful fragrance for the rest of the day

3. You’ll have a much easier time shaving

4. Your skin will be able to absorb the moisturiser much quicker due to the removal of dead skin.

5. You’ll turn heads in public

6. Both coffee and chocolate are natural aphrodisiacs, so…….e

7. You’ll have to tie your nightie to your ankles!!



Coffee Face/Body scrub $19:95 for 250g

Our coffee beans are handpicked by Matthew, our bean expert. The beans are of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans grown anywhere in the world. He insists on having a high-intensity level of 5 beans, so you know your skin’s getting a high caffeine dosage. Our ingredients include Epsom salts (for your muscles), organic coconut oil (for your skin), liquid soap, generosity and TLC (from the heart) that can’t be given by machinery. If you ever find the scrub has become hard, it simply means the coconut oil is naturally tightening. This is easily remedied by microwaving for 30 secs.

Chocolate Face/Body scrub $19:95 for 250g

As with the coffee scrub, your chocolate scrub is made with high-quality Chocolate, Epsom salts, triple moisturising soap, coconut oil and the TLC that can not be afforded by machinery. For all you chocoholics out there, we can guarantee you will love your choc scrub, but we can’t guarantee that you wont become addicted! Please use within 3 months of opening and when not in use, keep in fridge.




Oh my God, Matt did l tell you how much l love your chocolate scrub?

Amanda Preece

Hey used the scrub on the feet of Janet last night after a hot water n rosewater foot bath. Wonderful stuff, the smell good, the exfoliating power very good, easy to use, and applied by bamboo loofah and hands, now my hands are lovely too, then nourished with jojoba oil… Wow thank you from us both…

William Morley

The chocolate scrub is so smooth yet exfoliated the skin perfectly. The fragrance is even better, sweet but not too strong. Left the skin feeling smooth whilst having the great benefit of all fake tan – would highly recommend

Jasmine Pancotti

Hi Matt! My rugged old sea hands are as smooth as a shiny pink pear….AAAAHRRR!! Thanks

Nick Mc Kay

The scrubs came in perfect condition thank you! I used the chocolate one yesterday and it was lovely! I was very impressed.

Emma McIntyre

I gave a free sample of the coffee scrub to Grace, one of the waiters at The Coffee Club, Cranbourne Park, and she said it’s “fu—- amazing

Everything we make is in 100% recyclable jars and kind to Animals!

Graceful Lilly has not, does not and will not have anything to do with animal testing. The only animal that this product is tested on is the human that makes it for you.

About Graceful Lilly Body Scrubs

Our scrubs are lovingly handmade with only high-quality natural products including real chocolate, organic coconut oil, Epsom salts, gentle triple moisturising liquid soap and real coffee. At Graceful Lilly, we are very generous. The label says “250g” but we like to cram as much as we can into the jars. Sometimes the jars weigh 270g, 290g even 310g. So you are guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth. 

Yes, REAL CHOCOLATE and REAL COFFEE … but please don’t eat!

Graceful Lilly is here to help you combat any minor skin complaint. With just one application of our coffee or chocolate body and face scrub, you are GUARANTEED to feel an INSTANT relief.

With Graceful Lilly, dead skin is a thing of the past. Our body/face scrubs are, arguably, the most revolutionary and best Australian Body Care system on the market today.

Use the built-in coffee grains, or the free loofa included in the chocolate scrub, 2 great dead skin removers, to replace your dry and dead skin with fresh, moisturised, new-skin all day long. If you don’t believe us, simply send us an email and ask for a free sample.

Please Get In Touch. Or scroll down for more contact details. If there are things about the scrubs or the site that you think should be changed, please tell me. I appreciate feedback and sharing!