Coffee stops the skin from smelling.

Have you ever noticed the lingering smell of chlorine after a swim at the local pool? Have you noticed too the uncomfortable feeling it leaves on your skin? Rejoice!

The best way I’ve discovered to get rid of these two problems, simultaneously, is to use remarkable, natural, coffee.

It’s a well-known fact that coffee is an unbeatable skin exfoliator. Coffee’s a natural cleaning agent, suitable for skin. It’s also a fact that it leaves you with an amazing fragrance.

If you’ve found these two properties at once, in a body/face skin scrub, perfect!

Well, OK, the coffee fragrance may not be for everyone. There is always the chocolate fragrance to go for. Or maybe both.

“Coffee is a source of nutrients and antioxidants that may benefit the skin, scalp, and hair. A person can use it to exfoliate, treat acne, increase blood flow, and balance pH levels”.

So, there’s the answer to this most commonly asked question.

Coffee is the best way to get rid of odours.

At Graceful Lilly, we don’t stop there. We also use an abundant supply of coconut and macadamia oil to further nourish and moisturise the new skin.


  1. Other than jojoba oil (which is actually considered a waxy ester as opposed to an oil) it’s the closest match to the naturally occurring sebum of the skin.
  2. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic oil.
  3. It contains squalene and oleic acid that assists with cell regeneration, making this oil particularly useful for dry or chapped skin as it softens and moisturises.
  4. It contains omega 6 linoleic acid which is useful for balancing sebum production in oily skin and creates a natural protective barrier.
  5. The shell in which it is housed and added to the oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamin E.
  6. Oils extracted from macadamia contain omega 7 or palmitoleic acid, which is beneficial for wound healing, wounds, scratches and burns.
  7. It contains phytosterols that assist with itchiness and redness.
  8. It’s highly emollient oil, yet light and penetrating that’s excellent for dry and mature skins that have a reduced production of natural sebum.
  9. The oil extracted from macadamia has excellent spreadability, lubrication and penetration properties that imparts a smooth non greasy after effect.
  10. This oil also has a slight sunscreen effect.

When you eat it, this oil has the perfect balance of omega 3:6 ratio (essential fatty acids our bodies don’t manufacture). Omega-3 is a renowned anti-inflammatory and omega-6 is a pro-inflammatory, making it useful for any disease that is inflammatory in nature such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

Apart from all the goodies it delivers to your skin, the composition of oil extracted from macadamia is rich in phytochemical compound such as tocopherols, squalene and tocotrienols, which protect the oil against oxidation. While a lot of oils go rancid fairly quickly, macadamia oil is considered stable once harvested for a period of two years.”

We also throw some Epsom salts, for your muscles too. This means that when you use your coffee scrub, not only does your skin benefit, but so do your muscles!

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