Coconut oil for your hair.

There are 3 great things about this wonderful natural product. One is that when you’ve finished applying it to your skin, you can easily rub off the excess into your hair.

So the excess oil you’ve put on your hands doesn’t go to waste.

“The miracle oil that lies forgotten in your kitchen cabinet is packed with nutrients that can bring about a much-need hair transformation. This cost-effective hair treatment will save you a trip to the salon as well. Take a look at the immense benefits of usingĀ coconut oil for your hair which will make you take it out of the cabinet and add it to your beauty arsenal.”

It’s a wonderful moisturiser. A moisturiser for your hair and your skin.

It is a timeless, golden treasure. The oil features heavily in both of your scrubs. It is aimed primarily at moisturising your skin, but you can also use it as an overnight mask for your hair.

If you and your partner can put up with the coffee or chocolate fragrance until the morning, Graceful Lilly recommends it as a wonderful mask for both your hair and your skin.

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