Good habits with skincare. The young lady above obviously knows what we are talking about. So will you, after reading this blog.

These are a few simple, mostly free, steps that anyone of any age can follow. Skin is a very hormonal thing. Of course, hormones are based on stress levels. So, it makes sense that our skin is based on stress levels. Accordingly, if we work on reducing our stress levels, we are helping our skin.

  1. For a start, we can work on reducing stress. This may be as simple as taking a simple walk and listening to our favourite music.
  2. It is a well-known fact that baroque music has a tempo in it that relaxes the brain; listening to certain music relaxes the brain. When we listen to Mozart, we are lost in the world of Mozart
  3. When we read something, we are lost in the world of that particular author. This is because we are totally focused on what we are reading,reduce%20stress%20and%20enhance%20relaxation. As a result, we have no room to consider what’s going wrong in our lives.
  4. Have a good-old belly laugh. It is a fact that laughing releases a hormone that is good for the brain and reduces stress
  5. Good habits with skincare are of course doing something on a daily basis directly to the skin. This is by cleaning, exfoliating and moisturising it. If you find a good product that you’ve learnt to trust, then that’s very good. If you’ve managed to find one product that does all three jobs at once, then that’s even better.
  6. Being grateful is a great way to counteract stress. Before you go to sleep of a night time, just think of a few things that you are GRATEFUL for. It’s not that hard. I’m sure that no matter how bad things are for you at the moment, you can think of at least 5 things that you are grateful for. No matter how small or insignificant they may be.
  7. Book yourself in for a massage. Yes, that’s right. You read correctly. A massage. I try to get one once a month.
  8. While you are doing the above, please turn your phone off!! Disconnect from the outside world.

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