My skin routine is pretty simple.

There is no right or wrong routine. But as long as you are getting the basic physical exercise in, drinking water and using adequate skincare stuff, you’re on the right track.

I wake at 6:30 am. I run into the kitchen and pour 3 glasses of water. Drink them.

Make my wife and myself a coffee. I drink no more coffee than 3 cups a day.

Make some room on the lounge room floor and do 40 lunges. That is 10 on each leg alternative.

20 push-ups. 10 chins. Maybe some star jumps.

Deliver the coffee to Katie.

Get into the shower and use the chocolate scrub. The coffee one is used only 3 times a week.

Use skin toner (witch hazel) and moisturiser.

If you follow these few simple steps toward skincare, I’m sure that after 1 month you will notice a difference in your skin. So will those around you. It really only takes a little commitment, and hardly any physical exertion, to become a little savvier in your well being. Both mentally and physically.

My skin routine is ok for me. It has changed VASTLY since 27 years ago when I used to go to the gym 3 times a week.

Now that I have 3 children and am older than 50,  I do the bare minimum I can get away with. Well, that’s the excuse I use anyway.

You will find the right routine for yourself. But as I said before – KISS.

Throughout the day, I will avoid things such as sugars, nicotine, alcohol and soft drink. I hope you do too. As long as you are using a scrub, gentle soap and shave gel (not foam), keep it up.

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