Olive oil to macadamia oil. Graceful Lilly has recently changed the ingredients of both the chocolate and coffee scrubs. This is due to the research we have been doing.

Previously, the ingredients for our coffee scrub has always been, Dove triple moisturising soap, freshly milled coffee beans, coconut oil, Epsom Salts and olive oil.

But now, due to our research, we have the same ingredients but have changed to macadamia nut oil. The only real difference for the chocolate scrub was the chocolate instead of coffee.

Now, thanks to our research, we have changed to macadamia oil.

We have always used the former in our scrubs, but after doing a lot of research, Graceful Lilly has decided to change to the latter.

Olive oil is a great moisturiser and antioxidant. But research has shown us that macadamia nut oil is too. In fact, the goodness of the latter outweighs that of the previous. Considerably.

During our research, we discovered  “Macadamia nut oil is 40 times stronger than olive oil!” https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323581#what-type-of-hair-might-benefit

Also comparing the two we discovered, from a reputable site “Macadamia nut oil contains up to four times as much vitamin E than olive oil. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that works to prevent cataracts, cancer, cell damage and the formation of free radicals, and cardiovascular disease. It also promotes healthy skin, normal blood clotting, and healing.” https://ovenvia.com/which-is-better-olive-oil-or-macadamia-oil/

The nut oil has a more pleasant fragrance and is absorbed by the skin more easily. This makes your scrubs an excellent choice particularly if you have dry skin.

So there is your proof. You can weigh it up for yourself. We no longer use the vegetable oil.

This decision has been made typical of Graceful Lilly’s ever-expanding viewpoint of the well being of our clients.

Finally, please refer your friends and family to us at www.gracefullillybodyscrubs.com.au.