There is a very strong correlation between looking after your skin and well being. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand. Or hand-in-glove. Whichever you prefer.

We practise self-love by practising self-care. And between you and I and the garden fence, there is nothing wrong with practising a bit of self-love. This is despite what those suffering from the “Tall Poppy” syndrome will tell you. It’s mindfulness.

When we take time out to practise self-care, we are simply nurturing ourselves.

It simply means that we are taking time to enjoy and experience the warm water running over our hands. The sensation of our hands touching our face. The WHOLE experience of self-care.

There have been studies conducted by various bodies to prove that this leads to a significant reduction in stress and overall wellbeing.

“The act of caring for your skin also provides a chance to practice mindfulness. When you focus on the sensations you’re having in the present now without passing judgment, you’re practising mindfulness (the soothing feel of warm water, for instance). According to a research of over 1,100 adults published in Frontiers in Psychology, this practice has been proven to reduce sadness and anxiety by reducing concern and rumination”

Of course, the correlation between self-care, doesn’t only stop at caring for your skin. The old saying “You are what you eat” may sound like an old cliche to some. But, it’s true.

This means steering away from sugars and nicotine. Instead, eat greens and drink loads of water.

Try a bit of exercise too. This means doing a few lunges, pushups and chin-ups? Maybe take up swimming? Or tennis?

Whichever physical exercise is your bag. You may even be surprised! You may feel better afterwards!

This is also looking after your heart. Which is enclosed by your skin.

Your skin doesn’t enclose just your heart. But every single VITAL organ of your whole body.

Your brain. Your blood. Those arteries.

Your skin also protects you from outside infection. The skin protects you from disease.

“The correlation between skincare and wellness are: having a healthy gut; making sure you do a detox about 3–4 times per year to clear up your skin. Eating healthy, clean foods, staying away from sugar and artificial ingredients. I use Aloe, detox and excellent supplements which go hand in hand. Also the use of a good probiotic with at least 10 billion CFUs which help with the exposure to environmental toxins, and lifestyle factors like stress unhealthy diets and excessive alcohol use”

Some people also find it useful to take a few recommended probiotics. And that’s simply a case of doing a Google search for such products. Or maybe just going to your local chemist and asking him/her for their advice.

Once you have found a brand of probiotics that have been recommended to you and you feel comfortable with, stick with them.

Of course, the same goes with any skincare, exfoliating or moisturising products.

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