No more Turmeric in your Skin Scrub.

There is no doubt in my mind of the many benefits of turmeric to your skin.

Initially, Graceful Lilly was advised by, Mr Google, that only when man-made dyes were added to the mix, did turmeric stain your skin. Not so!!

Graceful Lilly conducted a test itself. The turmeric does in fact leave a stain on the skin. Even though it may be organic. The stain was a horrible jaundice colour that I’m sure you wouldn’t want on your face. Or any other part of your body, for that matter.

This test for the scrub was tested by the guy that makes it.

As a result of our findings, there is no more turmeric in your scrub.

This tinge happens even though the turmeric is untouched by dies or human hands; It was organic.

Although this jaundice lasts only a few days, it’s very ugly. And the benefits of turmeric are met by other ingredients that are already in the chocolate/coffee scrub.

Keep turmeric for your cooking. Not your skin.


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