How do I choose the best skincare products? I’m most commonly asked that question. In-person, on the phone and via email. I answer that question at least twice a week.

Please don’t get me wrong here. It makes perfect sense to me.

I could go ahead and say “That’s a very personal question….” But that wouldn’t be much good to you. “It depends upon the skin type one have and the need. Dry skin people prefer oily or moisturizing things where oily skin people look for something and which can remove the excess oil from the skin”

That would be like me asking you “What sort of car should I buy?” There are many different variables to be considered. What do I want it for? What’s my budget? Is the economy important? Etc.

My answer to this question is very much the same. How much do you want to spend? Are natural products important? Etc.

I always go back, when I started looking for skincare products and give a parable. Firstly, when I was out looking for a scrub or moisturiser, I opted for the free samples first. If I had a free sample, then I know what I’m buying. If there’s more than 1 variant of the same product, then that’s even better.

To me, yes, of course, natural filaments are important. With chemical/man-made filaments, no one can be absolutely sure of the long-term effects. Natural filaments have been around since air. Adam used to use them!

And you can always TRUST Mother Nature!

“Most of the time people choose a product because they trust the brand. Perhaps it’s a very old school, established company that also happens to be very expensive, and expensive products have to be good, right? Otherwise, why would they have that price tag? They got to be high quality! This is a very common misconception. Truth is that a hefty price is not by any means a guarantee of quality. You are paying for the product (ingredients, research, manufacturing, etc) but also for the advertising, retailing locations, packaging, etc. Many high-end brands use cheap ingredients; this is a fact”

Secondly, and most importantly, it depends on your skin type. If you have been blessed with oily skin, you’d probably be best off opting for a dry lotion. Moreover, you’d probably be best going for a scrub that exfoliates very well. A scrub that’ll pull the oily dead skin away from your face. One that will leave you with fresh skin. Skin that feels new. Skin that’s been hiding under your dead skin and waiting to be uncovered by your wonderful scrub.

Fortunately, that’s what we have delivered with either Graceful Lilly face/body scrub. Firstly, the highly ground coffee grains, or desiccated coconut/almond meal, will remove the dead skin. Then the coconut oil and moisturising soap go to work. Moisturising the fresh/newly uncovered skin.

This scrub will suit any skin type. There is only one way to find out for sure. So, why not send in for a free sample?

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Remember your free sample!