How your coffee/chocolate scrubs are made.

Hi, Coffee/Chocolate scrub lovers.

Your coffee/chocolate scrubs are painstakingly handmade. With pinpoint precision.

8 level cups of coffee grains are used to start with. These coffee grains are thoroughly dried in a conventional oven for 60 minutes and turned every 10 minutes to guarantee an even drying.

When these beans are thoroughly dried, we combine a special, high quality, moisturising liquid soap. A special mix of pre-selected, ground, coffee beans is then carefully blended.

This mixture is blended by the Graceful Lilly staff. It is not the preblended variety you can buy in any shop.

A set of highly-sensitive scales is used for the EXACT amount of coconut oil. The coconut oil is then put into a double boiler. Once the coconut has completely melted, we combine the EXACT amount of distilled water with the premeasured Emulsifying wax.

After this is all combined, we allow the mixture to reduce in temperature by 55%. Then combine the all-important, perfectly balanced, Epsom Salts.

This is combined perfectly.

We mix the scrub with our hands. Until it “Feels” correct. Machinery is left out of this process. Machinery can’t feel anything.

We always use the “Perfect balance”. This balance is crucial. Without it, your scrub isn’t made the way you have instructed us.

This perfect balance is derived through months of market research. If there is as much as 1g too much of any one ingredient, then it would go against what we have been told by our customers. The customers we have been listening to through questionnaires and feedback.

If there is anything out of balance, we would not be true to our word.

Is there anything that you feel could still be out of balance? Or do you feel you’d like more of? Please let us know via phone call or email.

Once we have the correct feeling, we hand spoon every cup/jar. If we put in over the correct amount, we leave it at that; We don’t mind giving our clients more than what they pay for. Our jars are advertised at 250g, but sometimes your jars may weigh 260, 280 even 310g.

This is typical of Graceful Lilly’s generosity. We like being generous to our clients. We hope this is just one of the reasons you keep coming back for more.

The coffee is simply replaced with chocolate for the chocolate scrub. “There is no better test than the test of time, and plant-derived ingredients have proven their worth and shown not to have any adverse side effects. This fact alone is more than enough to prove the importance and convince someone to switch to natural ingredients in skincare for good”

We put the same amount of love and care into every one of your scrubs as you would.


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