There are 7 layers to your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin is what provides you with immunity and protects you from disease. One of your skin’s vital jobs is to retain moisture and maintain your body temperature. The 7 layers of your skin are divided into 5 layers, then 2 layers.

The first 5 layers are known as the “Epidermis” and the following 2 layers are known as the “Dermis”. Each layer has its own unique properties and responsibilities.

The epidermis is of course what we can all see and feel. This is where the dead skin comes off, naturally, about once a month. This is the part of your skin that is most crucial to Graceful Lilly because this is the part of your skin that is exfoliated and moisturised by our products. Once we have exfoliated with the scrub, new cells are made with this layer. And the new cells are what make us feel so smooth and fresh. We exfoliate with chocolate or coffee scrubs to make us feel so fresh and new.

This part of the skin also protects us from injury. When we fall over and scrape our skin, this outer layer protects the internal organs from being injured even further.

In skin terms, from the outside in –

Blood vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, and sweat glands are found in the Dermis. Elasticity and firmness are provided by the Dermis. These are the 2 layers of skin that are deeper

  • STRATUM CORNEUM – This is the surface of the skin. This is the part that is exfoliated when we use scrubs. It’s the part that catches the sun; sunburn. This layer keeps us waterproof.
  • STRATUM LUCIDUM – Helps you withstand too much heat.
  • STRATUM GRANULOSUM – This is the layer that helps you retain moisture. It also helps you from losing moisture.
  • STRATUM SPINOSUM – This is where dendritic cells are created and help you guard against foreign germs. This layer withstands friction and cuts.
  • STRATUM BASALE – The deepest layer of the Epidermis. Produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. This is the part of your skin that gives it is pigment
  • PAPPILARY LAYER – Connects the epidermis to the dermis. This is where you get the feelings of hot/cold from. This is also where your fingerprints are made.
  • RETICULARY LAYER – This is the deepest layer of the Dermis. This is a dense connective tissue. This is what gives skin elasticity and strength.

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