Almond meal, not to be confused with almond flour, is courser in texture and made from unpeeled almonds.

In cooking, both are used. Interchangeably. We are looking at using the almond meal externally, for our purposes.

A natural scrub that’s gentle.

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Both can be made at home. Simply by blending the almonds. The almonds are generally cooked for the flour. Generally uncooked (natural) for the meal.

The almond meal is with the almond skin left on.

Apart from being an excellent natural body scrub, both are very handy ingredients when it comes to making bread and cookies.

Almond Meal is a very generously added ingredient to chocolate scrub. The almond meal gets rid of the dead skin all by itself. It will leave your skin feeling very soft too.

It is also very generously used in your chocolate body scrub.

At Graceful Lilly, we spent hours, if not months trying to find a natural, yet gentle, exfoliant for your skin. One that would be complementary to the chocolate fragrance and texture.

So, we endeavoured to find one that would be strong enough to lift the dead skin from your body, yet gentle enough to be used every day.

We tested various chocolate nibs, coconut husks, and even coconut skins.  For Graceful Lilly, none of these was good enough.

It was not until Graceful Lilly was reading through a net page that we were pointed in the right direction. One of our clients also gave us a recommendation!

Yes, at Graceful Lilly we love the word of mouth recommendations.

Even after all the proof we read on the net, it was finally the word-of-mouth recommendation that convinced us! So, we followed word-of-mouth recommendations.

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