Removal of Dead skin.

OK, Folks, yes it’s that embarrassing topic that no one likes to have; Dead skin. The removal of dead skin is what we all want. This can be anywhere on your body.

Don’t be too embarrassed about it though. Everyone has to deal with it at some stage. “Everyone has dead skin cells on their face. In fact, the top 18 to 23 layers of your skin are made of dead cells.” 

For our purposes, we’re discussing getting rid of the troublesome dead skin to reveal fresh, new, soft skin that looks and feels great. This is on your face or anywhere else.

Two Methods of exfoliation.

There are two methods of exfoliation that is available to you. A  mechanical (natural) and a chemical (chemical) method. The mechanical method is the one we are focusing on here at Graceful Lilly Because all of us here believe that Mother knows best, we go via Mother Nature.

The mechanical method includes using a scrub (be that coffee or chocolate). Other methods can be using a washcloth, sponge or shaving. I learnt the hard way that Dad’s sandpaper is not the way to go.

Have you ever noticed that men, of the same age, look younger than a woman? That’s because he shaves his face and she probably doesn’t.

Electric razors don’t do the same thing.

At Graceful Lilly, we use natural products such as coffee grains, Desiccated Coconut and Almond Meal. These are the products that she, in her wisdom, gave us, so they are the ones we’ll concentrate on. The other chemical ones include “Alpha hydroxy acids” and “Beta hydroxy acids” To name just two. And there are others that I can’t even pronounce, let alone write about.

We hope you’ll enjoy your Natural Scrub, be that chocolate or coffee.

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