I want soft smooth skin, but I am not getting enough out of my scrub as a moisturiser. This is a statement that leads me to this blog.  Can I use a scrub overnight? This question is posed to me very frequently. My clients and other people want to find out about skincare routines.

If you want soft smooth skin, my answer is yes. In fact, I highly recommend it. If your scrub is of good quality, with moisturising properties. It should be fine to be used overnight. You leave the scrub on your skin as long as possible. This will give the moisturisers more time for benefitting your skin. After all, this is what you’re really looking for. Benefits.

Be careful to make sure that the scrub has completely dried, before going to bed. Then use a soft towel to protect the pillow from being marked. You’ll no doubt feel how much smoother and softer your skin will feel after you’ve washed the residue off in the morning. So, yes, you can I use a scrub overnight.

Positive affirmations help your skin.

When you make positive affirmations to yourself, an amazing amount of benefit is done to your skin. Make conscious affirmations when your head first hits the pillow. These may include affirmations such as “My skin is getting better every day”, “My skin is perfectly fine” or “My scares are being healed”.

When you keep making these affirmations, your skin will no doubt follow. These affirmations will become beliefs. These beliefs will become reality.

My GP wanted to do a biopsy on my face to check for melanoma skin cancers. She first saw me on a Thursday. We made a booking for the biopsy for the following Tuesday. Biopsy day came. When she looked at my skin under a magnifying glass, she said she couldn’t believe how much better it looked!

The improvement was not by Graceful Lilly Body Scrubs alone. As I’m 53, it certainly wasn’t because of my youthful skin!

I had made positive affirmations to myself about the health of my skin. Anyone can do this.

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