When people meet me in the flesh, they ask What Do I Do When the skin on My Face Looks Shiny? This is a common problem. Especially with any moisturise having coconut oil in it. It simply means that your skin has been overwhelmed with love (moisturiser). If it happens just before going to bed, you don’t have anything to worry about. The only person to see you is your husband/wife. And they’re not going to care, anyway. If this is still a problem for you in the morning, 30 mins after applying, it could be one of a number of issues. Your skin may need a scrub (try our chocolate/coffee one), It’s not a good quality moisturiser, You are not rubbing it in for long enough or simply that you’re applying too much of it at once. If this happens, there’s nothing to worry about.

Try simply applying less, using a scrub you feel comfortable with, maybe using a natural skin toner (like witch hazel) or simply rubbing it into your skin for longer. This will get the collagen and blood moving around your face. If all else fails, do what 100s of others do. Take a dry, clean hand towel with you in your car for the 30 min journey to work. After you’ve found a parking spot, it will take just 5 seconds to gently dab the excess oil off onto the towel leaving you with beautiful, soft skin.

What Do I Do When the skin on My Face Looks Shiny? If you don’t like taking the hand towel on your passenger seat to work, then I would suggest a different moisturiser. Or maybe a different scrub altogether.

My face looks shiny after I’ve applied moisturiser

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