My skin’s not being exfoliated. This is a common statement I hear a lot. Have you tried desiccated coconut? Is my usual response.

Hi Everyone. Many people have come to me, over the past few weeks, and said that the Chocolate Scrub looks, feels and smells great, but “My skin’s not being exfoliated”.

Consequently, a healthy dosage of Almond meal and desiccated coconut has now been added to fix this problem. Digging even deeper into the dead skin, a couple of cups of desiccated coconut. If the skin on your face isn’t being exfoliated, the problem has now been fixed.

So, now you can throw out the loofa, as there is no need for it. Maybe you could use it on the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink? Now there is no need to hover between the loofa and the scrub, as the scrub is now complete.

The whole point of a scrub/exfoliant, is that it gets rid of the dead skin that has been hanging around your face and prevents the moisturiser from being absorbed. This dead skin also prevents new, fresh skin from surfacing. With the induction of these two exfoliants, it will leave your skin with a soft, supple/ kissable complexion. The new complexion will make you feel great, too.

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