What are the best forms of natural products for my skin? I am asked this question regularly both in person and by email. My answer to this age-old question is nearly always the same. There are many different forms of natural products out there to choose from and there as many brands claiming to perform miracles on your skin. Of course, they never mention the chemicals that may be damaging your skin, and just cost you heaps of money.

You firstly have to look at what works for you. In both a financial sense and a skin sense.

My advice for most people is, of course, natural is best. Some people like coffee, some like sugar while others like coconut. It depends largely on what YOU find to be both beneficial from your own skin’s viewpoint and feels most comfortable for your purse strings. It depends on what you want from a short term and long term skin analysis. It’s a personal question. I know that’s not much use to you, but it’s a matter of trial and error. I can’t say that my products are better than brand X or brand Y.

If you find that brand X or Y work better for you than any of my brands, then stick with them. If you have an irritation to them, then go where else. I will say this though, in my time working with natural products, I have yet to meet anyone who has an allergic reaction to them.

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