Exfoliating skin scrub.

Hi Everyone. I am constantly after comments after Graceful Lilly products. Be they good or bad. One of my clients recently said that the chocolate scrub is very good as a cleansing and moisturising product. The one area she thought needed some attention was the exfoliating value. She felt that cleansing and moisturising was all it could do. So, this got me thinking.

Consequently, this got me researching, studying and analysing. I took this advice to heart and spent a few weeks on the net Googling various natural products, to find a natural exfoliating skin scrub.

I spent hours and hours on the net. Trying to find the perfect answer for you. Maybe even a choice. I researched various products such as chocolate nibs, husk, cocoa beans and desiccated coconut. Ultimately, I added 2 Natural Products that were known for their exfoliating value. I decided on the almond meal. This was after a few weeks of making samples and getting advice from family, friends and other clients. In addition, desiccated coconut was also added.

This was based on my client’s enjoyment and the benefits they felt from this ingredient. Various skincare sites were also studied. I felt that the nutty fragrance is smooth. Like your skin. An Almond meal is the perfect additive. The almond meal has been added to the chocolate scrub at no extra cost to you. I hope you enjoy the new ingredient and that your skin’s being exfoliated by the scrub. Even more deeply.

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Almond meal. A great natural exfoliant.