¬† Hi there. Yes, this is a very common problem amongst people. Because our oils are made from natural vegetable oil, unfortunately, this goes with the territory; shininess.¬†Particularly if they have oily skin. It can come from a number of problems. Either their skin needs a decent toner, their skin needs a good scrub, or they are simply using too much moisturiser. Or maybe because of a combination of all of these. For a start, you can start off by giving your skin a good going over with a scrub. After the scrub is applied and washed off, you can use Witch Hazel as a toner. After this, you can simply use less moisturiser. If none of these work, carry a clean, dry hand towel in the glove compartment of your car. After the half-hour trip to work, use the towel to gently pat dry your skin. This will leave your skin with the full benefit the moisturiser has done. This is the ploy that I myself use. Your friends at work will be non-the-wiser. You won’t have the “Glossy” effect left by the residue of the organic coconut oil, but you’ll have its full amazing moisturising abilities. If you apply this moisturiser at night before you go to bed, your skin will have all night to drink in the goodness.