Graceful Lilly scrubs have only one step to great skin. It used to be 3. That is to wash, scrub and moisturise. Because your scrubs made by us have all three steps in one scrub, there is only need to purchase the one scrub.

People are constantly being told to wash, exfoliate and moisturise with 3 different products to care for their skin. At Graceful Lilly, we think differently. Why bother buying 3 different products to do this? You can get the exact same outcome by purchasing just one scrub. This saves you time and money. By using either the coffee or chocolate scrub, you can get the exact same results.

This is what more and more people are discovering and why Graceful Lilly is becoming such a household name. Simply by using either scrub, you’re not only getting rid of the dead skin, but the coconut oil is being a moisturiser.

The gentle scrub is also a cleanser. All you have to do is apply it to your wet skin, leave it for as long as possible, and rinse off. Simple as that.