Scrubs for Relaxing muscles are helped enormously by Epsom Salts. Are your muscles and feet tired at the end of the day? Is having a bath with your boyfriend/girlfriend or by yourself your form of relaxation?

Epsom Salts, has been thought of ever since year dot, not only to relaxes tired muscles, but also relieves minor aches and pains.

So, I am constantly being asked, as an x-ballet dancer, what is the best form of relaxation for tired aching muscles. Simply Epsom salts. People are constantly putting these Epsom salt in their bath to simply relax.

As a result of this research, we have decided to include them in the Body Scrubs. Both coffee and chocolate. If they are included directly in the scrubs, people MUST massage them into the legs/arms. This rubbing will induce blood circulation which will enhance plasma and collagen production and circulation. 

Certainly, collagen is what keeps your skin plump and aids in the recovery of wounds with plasma. 

Scrubs for Relaxing muscles is the focus of this blog. 

Clients have also reported a reduction in swelling of minor injuries. Injuries such as a sprained ankle.

As a result of these reports, Graceful Lilly includes Epsom Salts as a major ingredient in both the coffee and chocolate body/face scrubs. Graceful Lily would like to point out, though, sometimes your scrub should not be used.

If one has itchy or broken skin, or allergic reaction, please cease use and see your family doctor. Then return the unused portion for a full money back refund. 

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