Hi Guys! Both guys and girls, that is,

Sharing is absolutely caring. Yes, coffee and chocolate scrubs are just as good for the males as they are for the females. So, when you both get in the shower or bath, please share your scrub with your male or female partner. A lot of guys might not like to admit it, but there are guys out there who like to take care of their skin. Just as their partner or wife does. I am not afraid to admit it, but yes I’m one. I’ll go one step further and say that I used to learn ballet and read Cleo magazine. Shhhhhh! I’ll go one step further and say I cried when my 2 daughters were born.

What you’ll both get

What’s more, you’ll be introducing them to a way to get rid of their dead skin that accumulates around their heels and hands. You’ll be showing them the basics of how to keep their skin smoother. More kissable. Don’t be surprised if you do get more kisses. You’ll be replacing their dead skin with fresh new, soft skin. They say, quite rightly, that what goes around comes around.

The more you give, the more you get back. In other words, if you’re generous with your scrub, your lucky partner is much more likely to shower you with gifts they shower you with; more skincare products. And, don’t forget to thank them most sincerely for the truly AMAZING experience you just had in the shower/bath.

If you get a body/face scrub as a present, be totally vocal in your amazement as to how this simple scrub has transformed both your skin and your opinion of the giver.

In the end

Be generous with your thanks and generous in your flattery. Flattery will get you everywhere. It’s true. If you can remember anything about anyone, it’ll be the time they said something really nice about your appearance/fragrance/personality. The more loving you are, the more lovable you will be.

So, please go to our Facebook page, or website www.gracefullillybodyscrubs.com.au and share away. We think that your partner will appreciate it and we certainly will.

Until next time, Graceful Lilly xoxo