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We will look here at the skin. And why it is so vital to be looked after. A simple daily routine of using a simple, natural scrub can be used to the well being of the largest organ of your body. Here we are talking coffee and chocolate scrubs. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. The outermost part and largest part of your body. It has an amazing amount of work to do. That’s why it has to be tough in parts, like the soles of your feet. And gentle in other parts, such as your eyelids. Let’s have a quick look at the layers.

1. For a start, there’s the epidermis. That’s the part you can see and touch.

2. Just under the epidermis is the dermis.

3. The third layer is the subcutaneous one. Or as we commonly refer to it as the “fat” layer.

The Epidermis of the skin

As I mentioned before, this layer of skin has varying layers to it. It also has various jobs. 

  • This is where your melanin is made and that’s what gives your skin it’s colour.
  • Providing immunity, for your body. This layer has cells, that produce protection for you so that you don’t get sick. 
  • This is the most vital for our research!  Because this is where new skin is made – at the deepest part of this layer. Naturally, your new skin is made and the old dead skin flakes off about once a month. When we exfoliate this with chocolate or coffee scrub, we speed up the exfoliation process to leave us with new, fresh, soft skin.

As the other two layers are irrelevant to our research, I didn’t bother going into them on this blog post. 

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