Are you looking for a handmade, gentle, coffee or chocolate face or body scrub that doesn’t cost the earth? Look no further! I have spent HOURS developing the PERFECT answer to any sensitive skin problem! What’s better, is that it’s GUARANTEED!! My family and I have all got sensitive skin, and wouldn’t be without them; Graceful Lilly’s Chocolate and Coffee body and face scrubs.

For best results

This stuff is AMAZING! My wife and I don’t know what we’d do without it! Nearly every night, I shower/bath with the coffee or chocolate scrub. As we are moving into the cooler weather, you will have a tendency to use the bath more often. So, you wet your body completely in the warm water, smother the chocolate or coffee scrub on your skin, then lay back with Mr Mozart playing softly.

Drift into Another World

Before too long, you’re off in another world. You can feel the coffee grains lifting the dead skin off your body. You can feel the coconut oil going to work on the new skin underneath.   And, you can feel the Epsom salts going to work too. Consequently, your muscles are softened and relaxed to such an extent that you don’t want to ever end this glorious skin-softening process. This amazing, holistic experience continues. Until your partner knocks on the door and asks “Are you nearly finished”? You also feel the amazing fragrance of the chocolate or coffee beans relaxing and calming your mind.

As a result, you are just amazed at how these 4 simple qualities can play on your psyche.   And all this for less than $20 per jar. It’s an amazing personal trip/experience that you can never experience in a day spa, because it’s happening in the privacy of your own home in your own time! The best part about this is, of course, is that it’s GUARANTEED!! And you don’t have to keep a 1.5-meter distance from anyone.