My whole reason for developing “Graceful Lilly Body Scrubs” starts from a very personal level. You see, when I was a teenager (back in the 1930s), I had very bad skin. It looked and felt like sandpaper. In fact, my skin was so bad that it even drove me to a dermatologist to be put on the drug “Roaccutane”. This drug only made things worse. It dried up my skin to an unbelievable level and I had to have a blood test every month to keep an eye on the cholesterol level. If you’re a woman, it can lead to deformities in the baby; I don’t recommend it.

I was recommended the high priced “Clinique” for skin in my late teens, which worked out fine. But after the first few purchases of this high profile, high priced skincare, it got a bit too¬† expensive. I tried a few other brands and while they worked ok, they weren’t as good. I had to ask myself what would be the natural answer. That very thing! Nature! I was on a hunt for mother nature’s answer to naturally beautiful skin. The hunt went on.

After reading about skin and other natural alternatives there are out there, I decided to make a scrub of my own. Perhaps chocolate and coffee!! I found that coffee grains never dissolve, as chocolate does, and make a great natural exfoliant. The fragrance is pretty good too. Especially first thing in the morning. The caffeine literally gets your blood and cologne pumping. The coffee grains are a natural exfoliant, get rid of the dead skin.

Once the dead skin has been washed away, the new, soft skin underneath then drinks in the moisture supplied by the moisturising , gentle liquid soap and coconut oil. The chocolate and coconut are delicious together. The Epsom salts that I include in the mix, then go to work on relaxing the muscles that you’ve been neglecting all day.

The chocolate body/face scrub works in a very similar way. The only difference is the chocolate replacing the coffee. As we all know, chocolate has a healthy dosage of caffeine in it too. As I mentioned before, the chocolate has no grains as does the coffee. Consequently, there are no grains to remove the dead skin. As a result, I include with the chocolate scrub, a FREE luffa.

I seriously hope you enjoy both the guaranteed chocolate and coffee face/body scrubs.