This is why coffee is good for your skin. We all know that there is NOTHING like the morning “Kick” that you get from the first cup of coffee just after the alarm goes off, right? But, did you know, that the natural bean, coffee, is also good for your skin? Yes, that’s right, you heard me, good for your skin. The caffeine bean, that you smudge on the largest area of your body, also has a long-lasting and beneficial effect too.

You know the drill by now. The alarm goes off and you hit the off button. 3 seconds is the most of “Morning has broken” you can stand. You find enough energy to stager into the bathroom and fill your bath with the perfect level of water. Then reach for the scrub that scrub a friend suggested to you. Have a sniff and you’re in love. 

I think that we all know that if you drink too much coffee it has a drying agent on your skin. Did you know that coffee is incredibly good for you skin if used topically? The blend of coffee beans we use is carefully hand picked and blended by your resident coffee expert, Matthew. 

I think you already know that caffeine is a natural stimulant, aphrodisiac and cleaning agent. But did you know that when this natural wonder drug is massaged into your skin, the coffee beans and caffeine go to work by stimulating the blood and collagen? It’s invigorating! Of course, when this is coupled with coconut oil, a natural moisturiser for the skin and Epsom salts for the muscles, they make an unbeatable trio for the savvy consumer. The coffee bean is also an excellent exfoliant for the skin, too. So, when you crawl out of the feathers, I urge you to try this guaranteed concoction. It’s bound to set you up on the right foot for the rest of the day. Put it this way, my friend, I use it EVERY shower/bath and if I didn’t, I’d miss it.