Natural and gentle. Chocolate or coffee body face scrubs are both naturally useful.

Chocolate has had some bad press over the past number of years. Primarily because it is associated with the chubby love handles. Yes, chocolate, taken in extortionate amounts orally, is bad for skin.

But this is if it’s accompanied with teenage things such as stress, hormones, an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water etc.

If eaten in moderation, there is nothing wrong with it.

Now for the good news. This chocolate scrub will get the saliva glands working, but you wont have to deal with the kilograms.

In fact, I would go so far as to say this scrub is a must for people who love chocolate and have got sensitive skin. The Chocolate face and Body scrub comes with built in desiccated coconut and almond meal. Getting rid of the unwanted dead skin, too. You’ll be in heaven! 

For any chocoholic, this is a dream come true. Anyone who loves chocolate, will tell you there is nothing better than smothering yourself in this delicious, luxurious, aphrodisiac. Nothing.

There are only two types of people in this world; Those that love chocolate and that those that are ADDICTED to the sweet!

So, for those that are addicted, this is a must for the bathroom. Any chocolate fiend will tell you. There is nothing comparable to wetting your whole body in warm water and applying this sweet scrub.

This chocolate scrub, is an irresistible mix of real chocolate, coconut oil, and Epsom salts.

So, you’ll be left feeling soft and smooth. All you have to do is after applying the magic mix, wait a while (the longer the better) and simply lye back down again. Let the cares of the day simply dissipate.

The magic lotion is filled with real chocolate. But please, as tempting as it may be, don’t eat it.

Also, when you leave the bathroom, remember the scrub. Because when you return, there wont be any!

If you love it, tell someone else via social media. If you didn’t, tell me. Use the choc scrub within 3 months of opening, and when not in use, keep in the fridge.

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